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Take a shower bath balls to the attention of the method

2015-5-18 View:
Take a shower should also pay attention to methods:
1, bath time not too long. Shower bath 20 minutes, 3 to 5 minutes, otherwise, the skin will be very easy to dehydration.
2, if the skin is not very oil, choose a neutral bath and soap as well, but do not have to use every day, every two or three days with a can. Moreover, the body should not stay too long, must be washed clean, otherwise it will damage the skin.
3, take a bath every day intervals of a few days, wash every day, okay? Every day there are products of human metabolism, so you can take a shower every day. But the hair should not be washed every day, 3 days in the most appropriate time, to avoid the hair due to lack of grease and dry yellow.
4, the bath water temperature much more appropriate? Of course, not overheating, overheating of the skin is too red hot is not good. The winter to 38 ~ 40 degrees is appropriate, the summer should be at about 25 DEG C. The water temperature is too high, the surface of the skin oils and more destruction, telangiectasia, increased the degree of dry skin, give skin damage, at the same time, it will increase the burden on the heart. The commonly used hot water wash bath, can promote skin aging.
5, washing and rubbing or reverse direction is cis pore pores? The correct method is according to the direction of CIS pore scrub, because when the pores are open bath, and CIS pore cleansing, filth is not from the pores into the pollution of the skin.
6, the bath should wash the hair or wash the body? Should first wash the hair. In the shampoo when the water rushed in the body, the body pores due to heating and gradually open, "spit" filth, thus thoroughly cleansing.
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